"If you have enjoyed some of our free events and would like to support us in a financial way so we can continue to provide services to the community, we would appreciate your donation x"

Venue & Party Packages

Kukoolala Café Parties

All parties can cater for, halal, vegan, or other dietary requirements so please ask.
The downstairs is only available for VIP parties and slots are 3:30-6:00pm only.
There will be a clean up and waste disposal charge of £25.

Outdoor Space Hire

  • Sundays £35 per hour for first 2 hours then £25 for every subsequent hour until 6pm. £45 per hour between 6pm and 10pm.
  • Saturday evenings: £45 per hour between 6pm and 10pm
  • Weekdays:£20 per hour 9am till 6pm, £45 per hour 6pm-10pm.

Saturday daytimes during summer are not available due to our market except for themed event space

Indoor Space Hire

    • Space only upstairs room £30 per hour for first 2 hours, £25 for every subsequent hour.

Themed Secret Garden Event Space

    • Space only - £100 per hour 9am – 10pm extended times may be available with advanced notice

    • Catered events available

Party Packages

Basic Birthday Party  £185

  • Space (Upstairs) 2 hours plus cleaning fee included
  • Buffet  for up to 12 and extra are £4.95 per child
  • (Apple juice and water in jugs/ Sandwiches x3 fillings, jam, cheese, cheese and tomato, / Hummus & cut up veg/ Fresh fruit & Crisps)
  • Standard Birthday Decorations inluded
  • Standard Birthday Cake included
* Party bags supplied by parents
No entertainment provided
Add themed decorations £50

Crafting Birthday Party (up to 12 Kids)

Treasure box decoration or Jewellery Making

  • Wooden treasure box decoration or gemstone beaded jewellery making add £10 per child

VIP Birthday Party (15-20 kids + parents) space available 2.5 hours

  • Apple juice or Orange juice (choice of juice slushies available) / Water
  • Chocolate Fountain with fruit, marshmallows, and breadsticks included
  • Themed Food appropriate for both parents and children
  • Free tea station for adults
  • Themed Cake (serves between 30-50)
  • Themed decorations
  • Themed Entertainment 2 hours
  • Custom Invitations designed for you to print out
  • Homemade piñata (safe with strings pulling not hitting type) filled with prizes and empty party bags provided to be filled when piñata is broken

Add-on bouncy castle

  • VIP party 2 hours £40
  • £65 for any other party 1.5 hours
  • Without party package booking: £85 for length of event

If for any reason we cannot host your party and have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstance we offer a full refund of all amounts paid. If you cancel the party up to three weeks before the party you receive full refund. Up to 2 weeks before you receive half the deposit back. After that you forfeit any deposit