"If you have enjoyed some of our free events and would like to support us in a financial way so we can continue to provide services to the community, we would appreciate your donation x"

Booking Policy


As with any other event space, we can never guarantee any space for any other time than what you have booked. We often have very last minute bookings and will have to take them when opportunity arises.

We make our schedule according to bookings and staff make plans with family etc, so staying past your booked time can incur a surcharge of  £1.50 per minute.

You are welcome to call on the day to see if the space is free and you can come in early to prepare the space but this is never guaranteed before hand.

We can never be responsible for inclement weather and in no case will we be able to refund any part of your booking including bouncy castle costs though we are happy to arrange an alternate date which suits both parties. Bouncy castle may not be put up in winds which exceed 24mph or rain. (very light rain is ok as there is a cover) If you have borrowed paddling pools you and guests use at your own risk as there will no insurance cover for water play.

Tables and chairs are not charged for but you are responsible for putting them out and putting them back. Tables are heavy and unattractive so you will need to provide covers.

We provide 2 rubbish bin liners for your event which we will dispose of. Any more than will fit in those 2 bin bags must be removed from the park by yourselves. You may not use any other bins in the park nor leave bin bags of your own anywhere near the park bins. You may purchase extra bin bags for removal at £5 each. Any balloon canisters or drinks bottles of any kind must be removed and taken home, not left anywhere in the park

BBQ’s are only allowed in the tarmac area with previous arrangement and all coals MUST be removed from the area and NOT dumped anywhere in the park. Council fines may apply here.

Any damage to assets, the property or bouncy castle due to bad behaviour or neglecting to control children must be covered by person who booked the venue so please read the rules emailed to you carefully.